How To Unlock All Holes and Skins in Idle Hole

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Idle Hole is a new spin on that gives you a number of different holes to unlock, just like the original game. You can unlock them and switch to the holes whenever you want. Here’s how to unlock of the secret holes in Idle Hole!

Hole 1: All you have to do is play the game. This is the first one.

Hole 2: Eat 50 large buildings. You have to get to a huge size to get this one, so this should happen easier after the first prestige when you can afford to increase the size of your holes.

Hole 3: Eat 200 medium objects. This one is easy to unlock before even getting a prestige. Just increase the whole size two or three times.

Hole 4: Eat 500 small objects. Easy to do. Increase the hole gravity to make this easier.

Hole 5: Play the game for three days in a row to unlock this one. You have to start over if you miss a day.

Hole 6: Play for seven consecutive days. Same advice here, but more days in a row.

Hole 7: Earn over 1 million total gold. Any gold that is spent on upgrades counts toward this total still.

Hole 8: Total gold over 1 billion. Same advice here, but this usually happens after the first prestige.

Hole 9: Eat 5,000 total objects. Size doesn’t matter, so small ones make this easier.

Hole 10: Reach level 10. Considering that this happens almost before the tutorial is over, you’ll probably get this one first.

Hole 11: Reach level 25. Coincidentally, this is also the same level at which you unlock the first prestige.

Hole 12: Reach level 50. This is also the level at which you unlock the second prestige.

Hole 13: Eat 1,000 large buildings. Two prestiges later, this will be much easier to do, because you need a HUGE hole size to pull this off.

Hole 14: Eat 5,000 medium objects. This isn’t super hard to do. Just get big enough to eat medium buildings and then repeat the eating. Play actively for lots of directional changes.

Hole 15: Eat 100,000 small objects. Play the game for a long time and you’ll get to this eventually.

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