Ninja Prime: Tap Quest: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Ninja Prime: Tap Quest, formerly known as Idle Ninja Prime, is a new idle RPG for the iOS and Android platforms featuring a ninja fighting against killer robots, using its spaceship, casting spells, and summoning creatures in order to fight and conquer from planet to planet. Your goal is to defeat the evil Shogun and rescue the galaxy from his evil clutches.

As you go you can earn reactor cores, new skills, and all sorts of other goodies for your ninja. You can pick and choose skills depending on your strategy and your preferred loadout, and you can even unlock all sorts of other deep goodies as you progress.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Ninja Prime: Tap Quest!

Most of the action takes place automatically even when you’re active in the game (hence the “Idle” portion of the “Idle Ninja Prime” name), but there is plenty that you can do to actively affect the outcome of the game. Tap the spells by yourself at any time in order to use them. The best time to use spells manually is against a tough boss, before the boss summons more minions, so that you can focus your damage on the boss.

Another is to collect the floating pop-ups that appear around each level. Each spell pop-up recharges a spell that has been used recently. Cores, of course, give you inactive cores, which become active and affect your attack power on the next recall. Healing objects allow you to keep your run going for longer.

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Tap on your ship in the lower left corner of the screen to access all of your new modes once you unlock them, plus game options. Hit the options menu for all sorts of customization. You can do things as simply as turning off music, or enable such advanced features as swiping to use skills, which allows you to one-swipe dominate bosses.

Once you unlock the research lab, keep research going as often as you can. You’ll need data to either initiate research, or overclock existing research (the data is represented by the little green and white floppy disk icons). Overclocking strengthens the results of research. Plasma can be used to finish research quickly instead of having to wait for hours.

If you go offline for awhile, your character will still fight, and when you come back, you’ll have a bunch of new cores, plasma, attack power, and data. The same thing can happen if you just set your phone down and leave the game active, although it’s no different letting the game grind offline or online.

Hit the store area for all kinds of bonuses, including the starter bundle, more credits and gems, cosmetic IAPs, item chests, and more. You can even earn free credits by opening up the offerwall under “earn”. Some of the offers are free, some are paid, and all provide different amounts of credits as a reward for completing them.

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