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Idle Royale Tycoon: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, Hacks, and Strategy Guide

Idle Royale Tycoon, known on the iOS as simply Idle Royale and on Android as Idle Royale Tycoon, is a new idle game for the iOS and Android that’s loosely based off of the characters and weapons from Fortnite. Your goal here is to collect loads of guns, over 400 in total, each of which earns you Coins and X-Coins automatically. You can then use them to buy more upgrades, more guns, and tickets, and even prestige and load up on gun parts to build tanks and other super-powerful weapons, all to go toward the goal of earning tons of money. Read on for some tips and tricks for Idle Royale Tycoon!

Coins are earned automatically, but X-Coins are generated when you merge two guns together as a bonus. Your main upgrades that can be purchased using coins are Faster Weapon Drop, Better Weapon Drop, More X-Coins, Doubled Weapon, and Extra Weapon Level. Your X-Coin upgrades include More X-Coins (same as the coin one), More Gun Parts (earn more Gun Parts when you prestige), and Better Boost (bigger boost when you prestige).

How else do you get more X-Coins? Easy – watch the ad video whenever the piñata shows up. The piñata alone will earn you 10 X-Coins instantly. Watch the ad video and the X-Coins will double for it, meaning you’ll earn 20 X-Coins out of one single piñata for free.

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Although there is no way to tap to speed anything up, you’ll get video drops constantly with 18 guns apiece. Watch every video that pops up out of the ammo boxes, even if you haven’t bought the “Better Weapon Drops” upgrades yet to the max level that you can afford. After you buy the upgrade, if the weapons have already dropped, they’ll still be auto-upgraded one level higher while they are on the board.

Once you get to a wealthy-enough point in the game, you will be able to Prestige and earn gun parts, each of which is initially worth a 1% multiplier bonus. Your guns, Coins, and your Coin upgrades will reset, but your X-Coins and X-Coin upgrades will stick around. Try to put off the Prestige for as long as possible, and try to upgrade your More Gun Parts and Bigger Boost before you Prestige (Bigger Boost increases the multiplier bonus per Gun Part that you earn).

You can earn 5 free Tickets daily and then one Ticket every time that you watch an ad video, but you have to have an internet connection in order for the ad video to work. The best boost to use the Magnet on is Auto-Merge, which allows you to simply set your device down for five minutes while the game does the merging for you. It also helps you clear out the merger backlog that you end up with after watching an ammo box video.

When you get 1,000 Gun Parts, you can use them to build a Tank in order to increase the multiplier from 1% to 10% for each Gun Part, but wait until you have at least 200-300 Gun Parts to build the Tank so that you can have a high gain in multiplier points overall as soon as it’s done. You can build up to 15 total Tanks, each of which adds another zero to the prestige multiplier.


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