Idle Sweeper – Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Idle Sweeper is an odd new idle game where you purchase little dinosaurs and they eat the blocks all around the level, earning you money in the process. You can control one of them manually, and all of the rest will do their jobs on their own. Read on for some tips and tricks for Idle Sweeper!

When you get to the point where you have more than one monster on screen, your current monster will be controlled by you, while all of your past monsters will eat blocks on their own. To earn the most money possible, aim your monster at the green dot. Then they’ll grow in size so that they can eat double the amount of dots.

You’ll generally earn more money on the time spent offline than you will on the time that you spend online, and when you come back from time spent offline, you will be able to double your earnings with an ad video. After that, you’ll be able to multiply that AGAIN with another video, this time by 1.5x. You need a strong internet connection to be able to load both videos, so your best bet is to load the game again when you’re on wifi.

You can watch ad videos in order to get three different types of boosts under the “Power up” tab. One video will let you speed up your characters by 2x for 3 minutes. One of them will boost the hero’s revenue (the hero being your current controlled monster) for seven minutes. Finally, the third one will double all of your revenue or four minutes at a time.

Once you hit level 75 or above, you will be able to prestige for the first time. This will give your hero creature 5x revenue and they will be permanently huge, not just when you eat the green dots. Your creature will also move when they are idle. Hit the “info” button next to the level bar to see the other benefits of all of the prestiges.

Once you prestige again, you will unlock your first prestige monster. You have more unlocks coming with prestige three, four, and five, and in addition, one timed prestige monster. This one is at the very end of the prestige list. Once you play the game for a specific amount of time (the countdown is below the prestige creature), you will be able to unlock the timed creature.

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