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Illi – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Illi is a new puzzle game by Set Snail, makers of the hit game Daddy Long Legs. Your goal is to jump at the right time to move to the next platform , but you have to time it right because gravity changes depending on what side of the platform you’re on. You have loads of levels of this, as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for illi!

Timing is everything with the jumps in this game. You might jump off of a platform too early, bash your head into the platform and then fall off the stage (whether it downward, upward, etc) or you might jump too late and overshoot it altogether. Focus hard on the timing of the jump to keep yourself from falling off.

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Some levels have more than one quest. You don’t have to complete all of them in one run, though. You can complete them over the span of multiple runs, and if you complete a (for example) one jump quest, you only have to get to the exit. You don’t have to collect all of the crystals all over again.

Gates come along every so often, and to get through them, you have to collect a specific amount of medals, go back through to the older levels that you have already beaten and look for second quests that you have not completed yet. Go back and complete them for some easy medals.

Any time that you lose at a level in illi, you lose one energy point. Tap on the energy counter adn you have two options to get more energy back right away. You can either watch an ad to refill energy, or purchase unlimited energy. You can watch ads even when your energy is full if you want to by hitting the same button; however, they tend to not really have any sort of effect.

Check the updates often in the App Store or Google Play, as these will tell you whether or not you have new levels to download. With every update, expect the developer to add new levels to the game in order to keep it fresh and fun.