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Illuminati: MLG Clicker – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Illuminati: MLG Clicker is a ridiculously seizure-inducing new game based off of the MLG (Major League Gaming) montage parodies and Illuminati jokes that have taken off on Youtube and in meme culture. The goal here is to tap to get more Illuminati, use your Illuminati to buy more memes, and repeat. Read on for some tips and tricks for Illuminati: MLG Clicker!

One of the biggest issues in the iPhone version of this game is that every ten seconds you get a pop up for Game Center. This tends to go away after awhile, and while it’s unknown exactly what makes it go away, it seems that buying the Beardie power-up makes it disappear.

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Beardie costs 500 Illuminati, and the way it works is that once you see Beardie floating around the screen, tap him to double the value of your taps for a short time. If you tap multiple Beardies, you’ll double your tap value each time – for example, tap three in short succession, and you will get a X8 bonus.

Every upgrade that you buy after that will do the same thing. It will make a new meme or item pop up on the screen randomly, and if you tap it, you will earn the stated upgrade. For example, tap the Fountain Pew to get 5 times more Loominaties per tap. All of these tap power-ups can combine together in short order for GIGANTIC tapping bonuses.

Tap with more than one finger at a time, but alternate fingers. Tap with as many fingers as you can alternate at a time. Four fingers is usually sufficient – more than that and it won’t do much good. Tap around the tops and bottoms of the screen so that you can catch most of the memes that pop up, while easily seeing the ones in the middle so that you can move over to them.

You can even get a friend or two or three and all of you can tap on the screen at the same time. This is especially effective on tablet versions of the game so that you can get a nearly unlimited amount of your friends in on the action at the same time. Have them all tap at the same time to earn a MASSIVE amount of Loominaties in a short period of time.