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I’m Ping Pong King :) – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

I’m Ping Pong King is the long-awaited return to relevance for the game designer Orangenose Studios, who became most famous for the smash-hit Tricky Test 2. This game is far different than the other one, putting you instead into an extraordinarily difficult competition against the best ping pong players in the world. Your goal is to beat them all by figuring out their strategies and outlasting them in battle. Read on for some tips and tricks for I’m Pink Pong King :)

When you begin a round or right after someone scores a point, the opponent will be the server no matter who you are playing against. As well, the serves will ALWAYS land on the left side of the table. They will never land on the right side, so there should be no way to lose on the initial serve because you know what way the ball is coming from.

Not only do the serves come from the left side, but most of the shots that the enemy throws at you will also be on the left side. The farther you get into the tournament ladder, the more right-side shots get mixed in here and there, but for the most part, your opponent will always pepper your left side with more shots than the right side.

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Things change as you go through the tournaments, but one of the main things that changes is that after you defeat Little Brother, Grandma, School Best, Town Best, and Trump, each game will change from three balls to five balls apiece. So from beyond this point, the tournament will require you to win on five balls, but you also won’t lose unless you lose by five balls, so it evens things out.

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Once you get to the five-ball mark, you’ll face off against USA Best, North Korea Best, Singapore Best, China Best, and finally Ping Pong King, the toughest one of them all. After you beat Ping Pong King, there is still more of the tournament to play. You can play in the Orangenose Tournament against the development staff of the game.

The Orangenose tournament has six levels, consisting of Programmer Jeff, Artist Chelsea, Marketing Rose, Manager Tracy, Producer Leon, and finally Orangenose All-Staff. Each of the Orangenose developers has almost the exact same difficulty level as Ping Pong King. The main differences are harder max-speed hits, more speed changes (alternating between softer and harder hits), and usually more back-and-forth hits before you win the point, but the differences are so subtle that if you’re not paying attention and looking for them, you’ll miss them.

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You win the point, but the differences are so subtle that if you’re not paying attention and looking for them, you’ll miss them.

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