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Immortal Taoists: All Redeem Codes List and Guide and How To Find More of Them

Immortal Taoists is a unique idle RPG where you live your life within the Chinese empire as one of many roles, from a hunter to a farmer to a scholar. You can rack up all kinds of stats and skills, overcome tribulations, and level up to unlock new gameplay modes while earning resources, jade, and other treasures.

You can also enter redeem codes, which are given out by the developers for promotional purposes and to reward players with free treasures and goods.

Read on for a list of all redeem codes in Immortal Taoists and how to get more of them!

First off, you need to know how to get to the Redeem Codes area in order to enter your codes and get rewards. The first step is to tap on the player profile in the top left corner of the screen.

Once you do that, the Personal Information menu will pop up. Under that will be a text box with a button that says “redeem” right next to it. Enter your redeem codes and you’ll be on your way.

One good place to look for new redeem codes is within the official Discord, which is actually linked from right within the game itself. Simply tap on the button in the main menu that says Discord, and you’ll get there.

Once you’re there, search in the search bar for “Redeem Codes”, “Redemption Codes”, or simply “Codes”, and you will find all posts within the chat that mention those words. Use that to find what you’re looking for.

Another button on the main menu is the Facebook Follower Reward button. Tap that and follow the game on Facebook to see all relevant updates. Facebook is one of the most likely places for new codes to be posted, so keep checking and make sure to look through old posts, too, in case of codes.

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Look through any other social media pages for this game, teal. And be sure to check all of them, not just one of them, because you might find codes that are exclusively posted on Instagram but not on Facebook, or Twitter but not on any of the others.

Unofficial sources are also great places to look. Look for an Immortal Taoists Subreddit; when players find codes, they’ll be very likely to post them there, and it will be easy to search for the new codes, too.

Check the review section of the game download page in the Apple App Store, and in the Google Play store. Be sure to start with the newest reviews first, then work your way down. If you have codes and you don’t see them posted in the reviews, then post a review containing codes.

Use the Discord chat for the game and then go to the search bar at the top. Type in the word “codes“ and see what results pop up. Considering that there are so many codes for this game, players are likely to post new ones that they find call, so find them and use them.

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When you enter a redeem code, it’s case sensitive, so you have to enter it correctly. Be sure to manually lowercase the first letter whenever it is called for, or else the code won’t work.

Additionally, be sure to try all of the codes on this list. Some of them do work, and some of them don’t, and some are enabled or disabled again at random times by the developers.

Here is a list of the gift codes that have been released so far for Immortal Taoists:






















xmjkU2I3 (capital i, not lowercase L)




These are the codes that we have for now, but we are constantly adding more codes. Be sure to bookmark this page so that you can easily come back to it and find new codes whenever we get them posted!


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