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Impossible Bottle Flip – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Impossible Bottle Flip is the latest spin on the bottle-flipping craze that has invaded the iOS and Android app stores. Your goal is to flip a bottle across a number of different obstacle courses ranging from hard to nearly impossible. You can earn diamonds, which can then be used to purchase different types of bottles, and continue flipping across 15 (and counting) levels. Read on for some tips and tricks for Impossible Bottle Flip!

Each time that you play in a level, you will earn one diamond, whether you win or lose. The much quicker way to earn diamonds, though, is to watch out for the video ad offer that pops up on the after-win or after-loss screen. Tap it and let the ad play out and you will earn a free 20 diamonds. This offer pops up very frequently making it the best way to earn diamonds in the game.

Once you earn 100 diamonds, you will be able to purchase a new water bottle to flip across the board. Unlike most games of this type, where the playable collection items (in this case, bottles) are merely cosmetic, the bottles change the timing of every jump in the game. Each bottle will spin or jump at different speeds and angles, so you will have to get the hang of each bottle’s individual timing.

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You’re going to lose a LOT at each level before you win, but the timing for each jump will be the same every single time that you play the same level (with the same bottle). You can either use visual cues to determine when to jump, or you can time the jumps from landing to jump. Or you can do both – whichever works best.

The ads can get a little bit annoying sometimes, and while you have the option to purchase an ad-free mode, you can also put the device into airplane mode in order to play without having to be bothered by any of the ads. That will tank the ability to earn diamonds from videos, though, as videos need an internet connection in order to load, so it’s best to leave the airplane mode off and buy the ad-free mode for two dollars.

The obstacles all begin to run together after awhile, though, as the same types of jumps and obstacles tend to be repeated from level to level, making the later stages seem tougher than the earlier ones. Stay with those frustrating early ones, and the levels will begin to seem easier and easier, especially as you get the hang of jumping on paper airplanes and other moving platforms.