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Imposter Solo Kill: Guide for Noobs, Pros, and Hackers – Beat All Levels, All Unlocks, and Earn Coins

Imposter Solo Kill is a parody of the extremely popular game Among Us for the iOS and Android platforms. In this game, you only play as the imposter, and your job is to kill off everybody else on the spaceship. Once you do that, you move onto the next level and try to do it again, but on a tougher stage.

You can earn coins as you go, and these coins can then be used to purchase new goodies in the store. Then you can chill with a little bit of extra style.

Read on for some tricks and tips for Imposter Solo Kill!

The premise of the game is pretty simple. You have to sneak up on other players and then take them out. In this case, though, the crewmembers are not other players; they are simply controlled by the computer, and normally, they don’t move.

The obvious solution is to take out the ones that are looking at you first. The ones that are not looking at you will either not notice what you are doing, or they will turn around and be scared. If you do it the wrong way, then the wrong crewmember might notice you and arrest you.

If there are crewmembers behind doors, save them for last. If you open the door first, they will sometimes notice you, causing you to lose the game. However, there are exceptions even to this rule; sometimes, you have to knock out the person behind the door first.

Queens are the currency of the game. After each level that you beat, you will earn coins, and you can earn even more coins based on how you performed in the past level. Coins can be used to purchase new outfits, new skins, new pets, and more!

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There is no performance benefit to having any of these goodies, though, including the pet. If all that you are after is cosmetic enhancements, then by all means, raid the store for outfits and pets. If you don’t care about any of that, then don’t worry about buying any of it.

If all that you care about is beating all of the levels, then that’s OK too. Avoid the store, and just go through every level.

If the advertisements are driving you insane, there are a couple ways to get rid of them. One way is to go to the store and purchase the ad free mode. If you do this, then you will get rid of all the involuntary ads, but will still be able to choose to watch ads for coin bonuses.

The other method is to put your phone or tablet into airplane mode before you start the game. This will get rid of all the advertisements, but this will also make it so that you cannot choose to take advertisement bonuses for videos.


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