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Independence Day Resurgence: Battle Heroes – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Independence Day Resurgence: Battle Heroes is a new iOS and Android game, based off of the upcoming movie, and potentially has the longest name ever given to a mobile game. You control the ships and characters from the movie in battles against aliens and against other players, eventually, and you are given nearly unlimited ways to improve your ship. You can collect cash, plasma, and loot from missions and from other game modes. Read on for some tips and tricks for Independence Day Resurgence: Battle Heroes !

In battle, each of your ships has a main attack, plus at least one special skill. The skills have a cooldown that consists of a specific number of moves after you use them, but the main attack does not. Tap on a skill to see what it does. Healing skills are especially important; use these as often as possible in battle.

Each enemy will be ringed with either green, yellow, or red, depending on whose turn it is and what attack you have selected. Green means that you’ll do maximum damage due to ship-type advantages, so attack these ships first to the maximum extent possible; however, in some tougher battles, you’ll have to focus your fire on one ship at a time in order to kill them faster, especially if you have one specific enemy who is doing massive damage to you.

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When you see the up-arrow icon next to either the pilot, the ship parts or skills, then that means any one of them is eligible for upgrade. To upgrade ship parts in particular, you have to have the required materials to do so. Attach the materials to the part to increase its stats by a little, or if you have all of the required materials, attack them and then hit “upgrade” to level up your part, increasing its statistics significantly.

Materials are also required in order to upgrade skills. If you want to find a specific material but don’t have it, go to the parts or skills menu and tap on the material that’s required for the upgrade. That will bring up a list of missions that offer the part as a drop, as well as other places that you can earn it (I.E. Challenges).

Send the campaigns into overdrive by hitting x3 on the battle speed button. Rip through them and level up as quickly as possible; new game modes are tied to player levels, and the more new game modes that you unlock, the bigger the rewards. You also will have more shots at earning free Alien Plasma in the challenge and combat arena modes.