Infection 2 Bio War Simulation – How to unlock all pathogens, genes, levels, cheats and Frenzy Mode

Infection 2 Bio War Simulation is all about the destruction of humanity by means of biochemical warfare – or at least, how God would do it, since it’s more of a “God Mode” game than anything. Like most good iOS games, this one contains a TON of unlockables. Read on for a guide on how to unlock absolutely everything in Infection 2 Bio War Simulation!

New levels are the simplest of the unlocks, relatively speaking. Each level starts you off with a new challenge, such as beginning in Australia or in Finland. The way to unlock the next level is to beat the current level that you’re on. It doesn’t matter what difficulty level you beat the level on, so long as you beat the level.

When you begin a new game you get to choose what pathogen you want to use – e.g. a virus, or a bacteria. The way to unlock the newest pathogen is simply to win a round with the most recently unlocked pathogen (or with the base bacteria, if you are just starting out). You have to win on either medium or hard difficulty settings, though. If you win on easy, you won’t unlock any new pathogens.

Genes are much easier to unlock, but there are so many more of them, and they’re almost completely random. You will get new genes every time you beat a game, no matter what difficulty level it’s on, what pathogen you use, what level you are playing on or anything else. The more you play and win, the more different genes you’ll be able to unlock.

Another way to unlock genes is by using the “Get rare DNA” button. You’re more likely to get rares as opposed to commons by using this mode, but you have to spend gems for it. It will be almost completely random every time, but typically, it’s easier to strategize using rare genes than it is using common genes.

There is only one way to get the Frenzy Mode, and that is to tap the locked Frenzy Mode button and then purchase it from the App Store in app purchase popup. Same with the three cheats that you can get in Cheat Mode. The three cheats are infectivity bonus, lethality bonus and stealth bonus.

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