Infection 2 Bio War Simulation – Top 20 Tips, Strategies and Cheats, Page 2

15) Want to get more pathogens? Win a game with the current pathogen on medium or hard mode.
Similar to unlocking a new level, except that winning the game on easy won’t earn you anything. Win the game on medium or hard mode, and the next time that you play it, the next pathogen up will be unlocked. You have to win with the most recently-unlocked pathogen in order to get a new one, though.

14) Start purchasing the resistances before you purchase the symptoms.
The resistances in this game, unlike in the previous game, will start working even before the curing begins, and the curing will begin before purchasing any symptoms, unlike the first game. The hot and cold resistances, as well as the water resistance, are the most important ones to purchase early on.

13) Wait until the curing is past 50% to purchase the Gene Obfuscation modifications.
There’s a good reason you should wait on this one and not on the other ones. The gene obfuscation is the only modification that will actually drop the cure percentage, so if you purchase these early on in the game, they will do absolutely nothing. However, if you purchase them later on in the game, the cure percentage will fall. The later you purchase them, the more of an effect they’ll have.

12) Want to earn free gems? Play the game on hard mode in order to do that.
They will pop up every once in awhile, but they will pop up far more frequently in hard mode. Usually they will pop up when you are in the middle of a mass-infecting spree. Look for the green bubble to pop up and tap it and you will earn one free gem. They rarely happen during medium difficulty and almost never show up on easy.

11) The difference between all of the pop up bubbles is this:
The red DNA pop ups will earn you one DNA per pop, and they pop up whenever a brand new country is infected. The yellow DNA pop ups will appear randomly above any country that has already been infected. The blue cure popups will slow down the cure percentage, although they will never stop it entirely from increasing. The green pop ups are explained in tip number 12.

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