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Infection Bio War (Infection!): Top 10 Tips, Tricks, and Cheats, Page 2

5) Save up your DNA so that you can buy loads of symptoms at once.
Don’t purchase symptoms bit by bit. Save your DNA so that you can purchase a massive amount of symptoms all at the same time. If you purchase just a few symptoms then the cure research will start very quickly, but if you wait, the cure research will NOT begin until you purchase symptoms.

4) Start in a hard-to-reach country.
As you play you will notice that certain countries will be affected far later on in the game, mostly island countries with little transportation to the outside world, such as Greenland or Madagascar or New Zealand. Start your infection in one of these countries, just so that you can get them out of the way early on in the game, and then you will have a much easier time.

3) Or, if you are going to speed, start in a heavily populated country.
You will infect the entire world VERY rapidly if you begin the game in a heavily populated country with loads of contacts in the outside world. This includes countries such as China, India, Brazil, Russia, and America. They are always sending both ships and flights around to many other countries, making quick infections a given.

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2) Wait until the entire world is infected before you start purchasing symptoms.
You don’t necessarily have to wait until every single person in the world is affected, but wait until at least one person in every single country or region on earth is affected. That way, when you start purchasing symptoms, you won’t have to worry about closed airports and shipping routes causing the spread of the infection to stop and/or slow down.

1) Only buy the minimal amount of transmission methods necessary.
This means that it will take longer for the entire world to be affected, but while people are being affected, you will earn far more DNA than you would if you were just sitting there, waiting, while everyone was already infected. Tap on all of the blue and yellow DNA bubbles that pop up and collect them to increase your DNA even further.

Honorable mention: Tap on the cure bubbles to slow down the curing of your disease. Not only that but if you have the right pathogen, you’ll even be able to earn DNA from tapping cure bubbles.

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