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Crooked Path: Infinity Run – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Infinity Run is a new endless runner game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal here is to get as high of a score as you can by taking the correct turn and by timing your turns correctly so that you don’t fall off the stage. You can collect coins and customize your character as you go, and win loads of prizes. Read on for some tips and tricks for Infinity Run!

Every half an hour you will have a free coin prize unlocked, and you can earn coins by tapping it to open it. After you tap it, you can go to the date and time settings and set the time ahead by half an hour to earn that free coin prize again. You can do this trick as many times as you want, but when you set the time back to normal, the cooldown will add the cheated-off time back to it.

At any time, you can tap the video button to earn 300 coins by watching an advertisement video. The spin can be unlocked at time intervals also just like the free coin prize. You can spin to win up to 400 coins, and even if you don’t have a free spin left, you can pay 150 coins for another spin. If you’re on a lucky run, you can make a continued profit through multiple spins.

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Hit the smiley face menu in order to unlock new scarves for your characters. Some of them can be unlocked by following, liking or adding the game on Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat. Or you can pay anywhere between 1250 coins and 6,000 coins for a new scarf. The bigger and more colorful the scarf, the more expensive it will be.

There will appear to be multiple turns that you can make in each stage, but only one of them will be the correct turn. Ignore the coins as they will appear on both paths. Instead, turn down the longest path and you will make it to the next turn successfully. Don’t, and you will fall off the end of the level.

Whenever you lose at a level, you can watch an ad video in order to continue your run. After that, if you lose again, you can pay 150 coins to continue the run, then 300 coins, and so on and so forth. After that, your run is done. Save up your coins for when you’re going for that record-setting run.