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Infinity Shooting: Galaxy Attack – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, Hacks, and Strategy Guide

Infinity Shooting: Galaxy Attack is a new space shooter for the iOS and Android platforms where you go through level after level, load up on coins and power-ups, modify your ship and your load out, and fight against the toughest bosses and minibuses. You can earn coins and gems as you go, load up on power-ups, and fill the entire screen with your gunfire like in the 16-bit days of space shooters. Read on for some tips and tricks for Infinity Shooting: Galaxy Attack!

In every level, one common thread is that the most important thing always remains the same, and that is to avoid getting hit. Even if you have to miss a shot, miss collecting a coin or two, or miss a power-up, avoid getting hit in order to ensure that you always win, no matter what. Three hits and you lose, so the less hits, the better.

You can get new ships, new tiny ships, and new cores as time goes on. You have to manually modify your loadout every time, but at just 100 coins, it’s worth it every time if you have a good batch of weapons. Unlocking new ships, cores, and tiny ships costs lots of coins; upgrading the ones that you already have costs far less coins, generally.

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Unlike most games of this type, every level doesn’t have a boss. Instead, you’ll come across a boss about every five levels or so. The boss levels are by far the toughest ones, of course. Watch the bosses’ patterns. Some bosses go immune often, so watch their immune vs non-immune patterns and hit them where it hurts when they drop their shields.

Be sure to claim every award that you earn, whether it’s just for spending a lot of time in the game, for logging in, or for completing a quest. Many rewards, such as the prize spins, are earned simply for watching ad videos whenever you get the chance to. Spin for cash, gems, puzzle pieces, and more.

When you earn puzzle pieces, you’ll earn them for one specific airframe. These are earned both from spins and chests, as well as rewards at the end of tougher levels. When you fill up on the pieces for a ship, you’ll be able to upgrade its letter grade and its rarity, swap it to a different color, and get a major stat boost.

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You can collect pieces on the special event and play on nest mode with facebook friends