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Injustice 2 (iOS/Android): Tips and Tricks Guide – Hints, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 2

Gear is one of the more complex bits of the game so far. Gear can be bought in the arena store and earned in other ways. Each character has different gear sets, and stat bonuses are earned if you equip them with either two, three, or five different items from one single set of gear. You can shatter unused gear into fragments, then use it to level up and upgrade the gear that you want to use.

Aside from the operations, one of the best ways to earn free gems is to complete the objectives that the game gives you. This doubles as a great way to level up your account as well. Take those free gems and open hero chests until you get a three-star (four stars are very rare but you can try for one of those too). Once you have a three-star or two, your best bet is to spend them on upgrading your operations.

Once you complete all of the standard battles in a set in the campaign mode, you can unlock the heroic battles. Be careful before you try to complete these, because they can be extremely tough, so you might need to upgrade your team and its threat level first. You can try heroic battles three times a day, and because they are tougher to beat, they will also give you much better rewards than the corresponding standard battles will.

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Rank is gained or lost in the arena depending on whether you win or lose, and what your team threat level is. You’ll need to experiment to figure out the best team combinations for maximum rank gain, but if you are using all three characters (or two very powerful characters), round your threat level up to the closest 2,500 points to earn the most rank from victories. Rank points increase by 250 for every 2,500 threat level passed (2,501, 5,001, etc).

Want to upgrade your hero to a new star tier? Collect hero shards. Hero shards can most reliably be acquired from the arena store, but can also be earned by other methods, such as heroic campaigns. If you get shards for a hero that they don’t have yet, you can unlock said hero once you have enough shards to do so.

If you run out of energy and you want to get it back right away, there are two main methods to do so. One is to open basic chests, which often contain more energy. The other is to level your account, which is done by completing objectives. So save the arena-based objectives (which require pips and not energy), and then when you run out of energy, go to the arena and complete them in order to level your account and get a full refill.

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