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InstLife: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, Hacks, and Strategy Guide

InstLife is a new life simulator game for the iOS and Android platforms that allows you to run and simulate someone’s life via text, mostly using only one button. You can control their education, their career, whether they decide to live as a good person or a villain, and try to become as rich as possible or live as long as possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for InstLife!

One big difference between this and BitLife (or this and most other phone games) is that you need to save your game manually. To do this, go to the settings area and hit “Save Game” and your character will be saved to your device’s memory. You can only save one game at a time, but you can also quit the game, start it again, and overwrite your save whenever you want to. If you forget to save often, turn on the “autosave on app minimize” option in your settings area.

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When you begin the game, you will have no way of earning money until you get out of high school, but college is free, so why work when you can go to college? Having no money will prevent you from going to the gym, taking the driving test, or joining any clubs, so to get some early money, go to the settings area and tap “Get 25K (ad)”. This plays a video advertisement, and when the ad is done, an instant 25,000 will be added to your account.

When you get a job, you have a lot of options with what you can do with it. If you want to quit and look for another job you can always do that, but in the right career field, you can move up, advance, and eventually become the CEO. Once you have the CEO job, an entirely new CEO dashboard opens up to you, allowing you to decide the direction of your company. You can work your entire life, unless you join a mandatory retirement job – usually military or first responder of some sort, or a job in a country whose laws mandate retirement at a certain age, such as Italy.

One of the best ways to make a ton of money is to buy up real estate. Real estate always increases in value as the years go by, and at minimum, it will increase enough to ward off inflation. The more money that you have, the more expensive houses will become available to you. All houses have equal condition (none of them are sold in bad shape) so buy whatever houses you want and hold onto them for a long time to skyrocket your net worth.

Want to change the color scheme? There are five different ones that you can select from, with InstCoffee being the default. You can also choose InstLife Alpha (AKA: grey/silver color scheme), Mellow Teal, Modern Green, and Night Mode (dark color scheme). They won’t take effect instantly though; you have to finish out your character in the color scheme that you are currently using. When you start a new character, then your color scheme will switch.


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