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Into The Circle – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategies

Into The Circle is a new endless puzzle game for the iPhone and iPad platforms. Think of it almost like a modern-day mobile take on darts. Your goal is to make it into the circle, over and over and over again. The circles get smaller and smaller, and the better your aim, the more bonus points you can earn. Read on for some tips and tricks for Into The Circle!

There is no time limit for aiming your shot at the next Circle, so be sure to take as much time as it requires in order to make the most accurate shot possible. Don’t rush the shot and end up losing the stage early. Take your time and make the shot with as much accuracy as possible.

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Always try to shoot into the little circle that is inside of the big circle. If you make it at least halfway in, you will earn a perfect honest. This bonus increases by one point for each one that you earn during the same round. Earn as many of these as possibly increase your score as perfectly as you can.

If the advertisements in this game are bugging you, there are two things that you can do to get rid of them. One of these is to purchase ad-free time for one dollar. This will take away the ads forever. The other thing that you can do is set your phone into airplane mode. When you play the game again the advertisements will disappear. It is not recommended to do this now as for indie developers, the advertisements are their bread-and-butter.

Use the advertisements you manage in order to earn a free stars. Go to the in app purchase menu and instead of spending money on stars, you will be able to watch an advertisement video in order to earn them for free. Once you do this, you will be able to use the stars to restart after you lose at a stage.

Don’t bother spending stars in order to restart a stage if you barely have any kind of score when you lose. Save your stars for when you have a good round and you want to continue. Don’t waste stars on trying to save a bad round or else you will just run out of stars way too quickly.