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Into the Dim – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Into the Dim is a new Roguelike RPG for the iOS platform with Game Boy-esque graphics and Nintendo-esque difficulty. Your character is a boy who follows his dog down various dungeons, and your goal is to go as far as you can, collecting treasure and coins along the way, and killing ever-tougher enemies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Into the Dim!

Killing enemies is definitely the most difficult part of the game. They will move after your moves run out, and if you aren’t careful, you could end up running up on them too quickly, allowing them to hit you several times before you can even make a move. Because of this, don’t use all of your turns every time. You can end your turn prematurely by hitting the pie-graph button to the right of your arrows.

You can throw a punch at an enemy if you are right next to them to attack them, or you can switch to the gun and shoot a bullet at them. The bullet does the same damage, but the longer range buys you some extra move spaces allowing you to execute hit-and-run attacks. Ammo is finite, though – you can find ammo refills in treasure boxes.

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Purchase upgrades in your home room to make things a little easier. The best upgrade that you can purchase is extra life slots, followed by extra move slots. Ammo is certainly useful, although if you have more ammo slots than move slots, it’s useless because each shot that you fire takes a turn, just like each move that you make or each punch that you throw.

If you lose at a dungeon, you can continue for free by watching an ad video, or you can pay coins to continue. In addition, if you want to earn free coins, go to your home room and scroll around. Often you will see a video offer icon under one of the tabs, and if you click it, you will earn 10 free coins for watching a video.

You will see two rooms to either side of your main home room. On the left is the room where you get free coin drops. To the right is the room where secret dungeons will open up. You can unlock the secret room once you finish 50 percent of the game. There are currently around 30 levels in the game, so around level 15 or so, you should see the bonus rooms open up.