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Iron Gym Review


This is a wonderful product for those who feel a need to workout but have little time or space for professional machines or equipment. The Iron Gym provides full upper-body workout with little preparation or effort. A bit awkward to store, because of the  way it is designed to wrap around doors, but really easy to attach to a door. It comes with a small metal tab-like device that sticks into the skirting and helps the Iron Gym from falling down on its own. Since I use the Iron Gym upstairs and downstairs, I only have the metal tab at one doorway, and do not move it because it isn’t necessary. When you use the Iron Gym, your weight is transferred into the doorway itself, holding up the Iron Gym and you securely. The product comes with two grip sizes in the standard model, but can be upgrade for additional grips and will help you work different muscles. You also get an offer for free hanging ab straps, useful for a beginning athlete seeking well toned abs, but not necessary for anyone who has significant abdominal strength already. Since the Iron Gym uses the weight of your body, it would be in your interest to purchase additional weights or figure out a way to tie heavy objects to your body, helping you get even stronger. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get stronger when you can not do even one chin-up. Luckily, the Iron Gym can be used for push-ups, allowing you to get a wider range of motion with your shoulders and to perform deeper push-ups. The Iron Gym can’t help with so called “Military push-ups.” but standard push-ups will be harder with the Iron Gym. For the ab fans, you can also lay it on the other side of a door way from you, allowing you to have a nice cushioned bar to use to hold your feet back. Unfortunately, it cuts into my feet, and I find it hard to keep them up during crunches, but perhaps this is because my feet are especially large. Overall, I would buy this product again, but the optional extra grips are not worth the money.  Also, this will not help you if you just buy it, you need to use it at least twice a week to grow bigger and around once simply to maintain muscle size. Please keep in mind your body may be different and will need different recovery times and frequencies.