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iSlash Heroes: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

iSlash Heroes is a new game for the iOS and Android where your goal is to slice a piece of wood over and over until it gets small enough for you to beat the level. The slicing is done by swiping like in Fruit Ninja, but it requires a lot more precision to do, because you have to cut around the ninja stars and keep them on a single block of wood in order to make the cuts count. Read on for some tips and tricks for iSlash Heroes!

The more cuts that you do in this game, the less points that you earn, and the less cuts that you do, the more points that you accumulate. There is no time limit, though, at least for almost every level in this game. So wait as long as you need to in order for the ninja stars to get to the right place so that you can slice off a big chunk of wood.

Sometimes, when you do a slice, a golden statue will go flying off. Pick this up and time will slow down for about ten seconds, making it much easier to slice a good cut of wood. This is one of the many boosts that you can use in this game, although it is the only free one.

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The other ones can be purchased with gold coins, but you get free ones when you first unlock them. For example, the shield boost will make it so that your next errant slice that hits a ninja star won’t kill you. And the thundercloud will knock out one of the armored edges that you normally cannot cut through.

Later on in the game you will encounter green ninja stars. These, unlike the silver stars, can be cut through – in fact, you HAVE to cut through them, but you can only cut through them if the wood on one side of the slice is empty. With these, wait until they move to a position where you can get the most cut wood out of one cut as possible. Try to slice through multiple green stars at the same time to get the highest score possible here.

You have five energy, and if you run out of energy or lives, you have to wait half an hour apiece for them to come back. If you don’t want to wait for your lives to come back, then set the time ahead by half an hour for every life that you want to get back.