It Girl Showdown Cheats: Win showdowns and get an epic win almost every time

It Girl is the Paris Hilton Simulator of Facebook games, but if you’re reading this you already know what it is about. Read on to find out how to win every showdown and rack up tons of epic wins!


This works at almost every level, but it especially works well at or above level 6.


First of all, what you should do is buy as many clothes as absolutely possible in order to improve your closet bonus. That, as well as the size of your clique, are the keys to this trick. This is why level 6 is recommended, but if you have a giant closet bonus before level 6, fire away and watch your adversaries fall every time!


A closet bonus of at least 300 is recommended to make this trick work, but it is definitely not necessary. It does, however, maximize your epic wins and minimize your losses.


The game uses your hotness level to figure out which of your “competition” you will see on the street. Your competition will be at or around the same hotness level as you. This means that the higher your hotness level is, the higher other girls’ levels will be, so the competition will be stiffer and filled with higher-level players. Defeat this part of the game by intentionally minimizing your hotness level. When you attend a party, don’t set your hotness level any more than 5 points above the level needed in order to enter the party. Doing this will put numerous low-level girls into the party, and low-level players tend to have much lower closet bonuses and much smaller cliques. This makes it very easy to win a showdown against them.


Do this in the street too, except that in the street, there is no minimum limit. Set your hotness level as low as absolutely possible, and you’ll absolutely destroy the competition with your sky high closet bonus. This is the time to really rack up your epic wins.


To take it up to another level of unfairness, enter a street at a low hotness level. Then change your clothes and increase your own hotness level to the maximum. Yours will be high, but your competition will still be there from when you entered the scene, meaning they will all be at low levels. This guarantees you tons of epic wins and a practically undefeated record. You can’t do this at parties anymore, but when you could, this would guarantee you to win every party you attended as well. Even still, though, use the above tips at parties for an excellent winning record.
That’s all folks! Got more tips or tricks? Post them in the comment box!

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