It Girl for Facebook: Guide to getting more confidence, cheats, tips, tricks and hints

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It Girl is a now-classic Facebook game by Crowdstar targeted towards girls that has been referred to in the past as a “Paris Hilton simulator”. In a sense, it is. You shop for clothing, travel around the world, compete in “showdowns” against other girls and unlock more locations around the world, and go to more and more prestigious parties. These tips should help you become the “It Girl” faster than you ever thought possible.


If you haven’t already “liked” It Girl, do it. You’ll get a 300 cash bonus just for liking the game.


A common question about It Girl is how you chat in the game. Unfortunately, at the current time, there is no way to do so. All of the characters in the game are computer generated, despite being named after real players of the game, and they say the same things. The game just rewinds the sayings and repeats them every so often in order to freshen it up.


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In It Girl, all you have to do to make money is: nothing. Even if you shut the game off and stop checking it for awhile, you can come back and depending on how long you have been gone for, you’ll have wads of cash at your feet (every hour another wad of cash drops). There’s a limit to how many will fall though, which is around ten wads of cash at a time before the game just stops dumping free cash on you. So even if you don’t play that often, or you don’t play but you plan to play again at some point, keep checking back every 10 hours or  so to pick up your cash, so that more cash can appear at your feet.

Search news stands and billboards in order to gain experience points faster. Each store shelf that you search will earn you one experience point, but each ad that you read and each billboard will earn you 2 experience points and five dollars, and news stands will leave you with 4 experience points and ten dollars simply for searching them. So make sure you have searched them all out in order to gain experience points much more quickly.


Don’t even bother with showdowns against girls in stores or on the street. Go to parties and win the showdowns. Go to the parties which have the highest bonuses for winning, but which have the lowest minimum standard of hotness to get in. These are the easiest parties to win at and are the easiest way to earn more money and experience points.


The first time you go to a party, you’ll be a bronze player. When you successfully finish a party 5 times, you become a silver player. Five more, and you’re then a gold player. Still five more times beating that party, and you’re a platinum player. The more times you beat the same party over and over, the more the difficulty of the party goes up, the more showdowns you need to win to beat the party, and the bonuses will also increase.


Any time that a member of your clique is randomly walking around, click that member of the clique and hit the “call” button to receive bonus confidence. The higher level member you call, the more confidence that you will earn. Be sure to catch all of your friends’ bonus feeds as well in order to earn higher numbers of bonuses.


Don’t wear clothes to an event that are irrelevant to the type of event you are attending, or they won’t even count toward your hotness points. The more relevant the items are, the more of them will count toward your hotness, and the “hotter” you will be. However, for showdowns in the cities and stores, the type of item won’t even matter, because they all count toward your hotness.


Do you have more tips? Post them as comments!

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