JAWS.io: List of boat and shark skins and how to unlock all of them

JAWS.io is the surprising official release by Universal of a .io adaptation of the JAWS franchise, the first known movie adaptation into this type of game. You play as a boat hunting a shark, and once you catch/kill the shark, you become the shark and eat everything in sight until another player kills you and becomes the shark. You can unlock skins for both boats and sharks in this game – read on for a full guide on how to unlock every boat and shark skin in JAWS.io!

Yacht: Watch five full ads (ad video offers – finish the whole video)
The Orca: Watch 30 full ads (let all ad videos play all the way through, don’t cancel early)
Sailboat: Play again tomorrow (AKA two days in a row)
Submarine: Play seven consecutive days (don’t break the day streak or you have to start over again)

Hooper’s Boat: Reach 200 Shark Points (experience points)
Amity Pounce Boat: Reach 800 total Shark Points
Islander Boat: Reach 1,800 total Shark Points
Racing Boat: Reach 3,200 total Shark Points
Shark Hunter: Reach 5,000 total Shark Points

Hammerhead Shark: Watch a total of 15 full ads (let the ads finish all the way through, don’t cancel early)
Battle Scarred Jaws: Finish a game in first place
Whale Shark: Play the game for three consecutive days (don’t break the streak or you have to start back over)

Basking Shark: Reach a total of 50 Shark Points (easy)
Bull Shark: Reach a total of 450 Shark Points
Thresher Shark: Reach a total of 1,250 Shark Points

Goblin Shark: Earn a total of 2,450 Shark Points
Tiger Shark: Reach a total of 4,050 Shark Points
Mecha Jaws: Reach a total of 6,050 Shark Points
Shark X: Reach a total of 7,200 Shark Points (that’s a LOT of first place finishes)

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