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Jelly Jump by Ketchapp: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Jelly Jump is a new endless jumping game by Ketchapp, the purveyor of games that take fifteen seconds to play and unleash fifteen swear words per minute when you lose at them. In this one you play as a cube of jelly that jumps up between platforms that close in on each other, and your goal is simply to jump up as high as you can while avoiding the water below. Read on for some tips and tricks for Jelly Jump by Ketchapp!

You’re going to lose within the first few jumps for about the first ten minutes that you play the game, so use this time to your advantage and instead of going for the highest score, simply pay attention to the timing of each platform. Some platforms will close more slowly or more quickly than other platforms, so be ready for that. As your score goes higher and higher you will end up with slow and fast platforms back to back.

Every ten to fifteen points, you’ll get a sparkling piece of jelly. Jump and hit the jelly to collect it and you will earn ten jelly drops. The farther you go, the more jelly drops you have the potential to earn. Since you can’t move from side to side in this game, there is no skipping the jelly drops. There is also no way to purchase them as an IAP – you simply have to collect them inside of the game itself.

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Be sure to collect as much of it as possible, too, because it provides you with a big high score advantage. Right at the beginning of the level you will get an option to spend ten jelly in order to skip ten spaces. You can use this up to two times per round. Be sure to have your timing down pat on the platforms before you use an option like this, because you will immediately have fast and slow platforms alternating back and forth and if you are not careful, you will end up losing instantly.

If you want to get rid of all of the ads without having to purchase the “no ad” option, all that you have to do is put your phone or tablet into airplane mode or shut of the cellular data and the WiFi all on your own. The banner ads aren’t all that annoying but the pop up ads can be EXTREMELY annoying, so use this whenever you get sick of those, and with no data, they will stop showing up.

If you want to go to the high score area to check out who the best players are, go to the leaderboard and ignore all of the 1,000 point scores, and scroll past them. Move down instead to the area with the realistic-looking scores (realistic but still high) and this is who you will have to compete against if you want to be the actual best Jelly Jump player.
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