Jelly Splash: How to get more Lives/Energy and Coins

Jelly Splash is a new game for the iPhone and iPad, with an Android variant coming out soon. It takes you through hundreds of levels, similar to Candy Crush Saga, but if you run out of lives, or energy, your play will come to a screeching halt. When you lose a level, you lose a life – unless, of course, you decide to spend some coins, which can earn you three extra moves after you run out of turns. Read on for some tips and tricks to get more lives and coins in Jelly Splash!

The first step towards making it easy to earn more lives is to connect Jelly Splash to Facebook. Once you have connected to Facebook, you can then ask your friends for free lives once you run out, assuming you have friends who play the game. Also, they’ll ask you for free lives, and you can send them free lives whether or not they ask for them. If you do, usually you’ll get lives back.

If you don’t have any friends on Facebook who play Jelly Splash, look for the folks who post their contact info on places such as the Jelly Splash or Wooga Facebook pages, or in the App Store reviews/comments section. In addition, post your “add me” requests below in the comments box or add people who have, in order to find friends who play the game quickly.

In addition, you can set the time ahead on your phone once you run out of lives, and you’ll get the lives back. A good estimate is about half an hour of time per life that you need, so if you need a full refill, set your phone ahead by 2 1/2 hours. Then go to the game, and you’ll immediately be able to play again.

If you set the time back to normal, though, you lose the free lives, so either wait to do this trick until you no longer need to use your phone to tell the time, or wait until you’re about to take a break from the game for awhile to do the trick.

There is only one way to get more coins in the game, and that is to buy them from the app store. You unfortunately can’t earn free coins for things that you do in the game.