Journey of Moses Facebook Game FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

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Journey of Moses is a new Facebook game centered around the Biblical account of Moses, from his early days living as a prince to the eventual liberation of the Jews in Egypt and the parting of the Red Sea. The gameplay in this game is similar to that in CSI: Crime City, as your goal is to go to a new destination and complete your mission by examining all of the tiles in the area and finding the necessaryitems to continuing your journey onto the next area, as well as building up your own personal space. Are you new to Journey of Moses or you haven’t started playing yet and you want to figure out what it’s all about before you start playing? Read on!

The play of the game itself is very simple. You start off on your journey by clicking the sign post in the lower left corner of your personal living space. You progress in stages and your method of progression is searching each individual tile, searching for the items that you need to complete each stage. You can either move onto the next stage after getting all of the necessary items or you can finish completing all the tiles first. Each tile costs you energy points to search, but each tile also earns you experience and shekels and has a shot at earning you bonus items too.

Some of the tiles have spiders and other bugs on them. These ones typically take three actions to clear out, as opposed to one action for tiles that don’t have bugs on them, so if you want to try and save energy, you can skip the tiles with the bugs on them and try to find the items on the one-action tiles first. Or you can just try to get all of those tiles at once to get the most experience and shekels that you can.

At your own personal living space, you can place decorations and you can use the honey tree to get extra energy. The way you do this is by buying extra honey, waiting the prescribed amount of time depending on the size of the honey that you buy, and then come back and collect your energy. The more honey you buy, the longer it takes but the more energy you can collect. Don’t wait too long though, because the honey goes bad in atime equal to the amount of time that it takesto be ready for harvest – E.G. if it takes 3 hours to be harvest ready, it takes 3 additional hours to spoil.

Now you’re ready to play Journey of Moses! Enjoy!

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