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Jumpy Jack – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Jumpy Jack is a new endless running (or skating) game for the iOS platform by redBit, the company that did Cookie Clickers. You play as a skateboarding kid, and your goal is to jump through as many gaps as possible, earning as many extra clothing accessories as you can. With the 8-bit graphics and the difficulty, this game could be considered another Flappy riff, though the gameplay is actually much different. Read on for some tips and tricks for Jumpy Jack!

Try to land your skateboard on the bottom platform of each gap, rather than trying to simply fly through each gap. If you land on the bottom platform, you’ll simply skate on it, whereas if you hit your head on the top platform, you will end up losing, therefore aiming to fall on the bottom platform makes the game a lot more forgiving.

You will earn a new clothing accessory for each fifth gap that you go through for the first time. For example, you’ll earn a lightning bolt for your shirt after five points, and after ten points, you will earn a new headband. Keep going and by the time you earn fifty points, you’ll practically change the appearance of Jack completely.

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Make sure to tap on the screen SOFTLY for the low jumps. A low jump right after a high jump is the easiest way to lose on this game, because they come up really quickly. For high jumps, it doesn’t really matter how hard you press the screen, just try to time it right so that you can land right in time.

Play the game with your left thumb rather than your right thumb. If you use your left hand, you’ll be blocking your own field of vision, but if you use your left thumb and tap on the left side of the screen, you will have an easier time because you will better be able to see what’s coming up ahead of you.

If you have an iPad, play the game on that rather than the iPhone if you are going for a high score run, because it will be easier to see what’s coming up ahead and to judge the distance that you have to jump.

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