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Jumpy Line: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategies

Jumpy Line is a brand-new endless game for the iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms. This is a little on Crossy Road or Frogger, except with simple minimalist graphics. Your goal is to jump your dot from line to line, avoiding all of the other dots and going as far as you can before the stage eat you alive. Read on for some tips and tricks for Jumpy Line!

Always try to keep moving as quickly as possible. As you go further and further into the local, state faster and faster, requiring you to make moves quicker than before. It helps to get ahead of the stage rather than fall behind and have your dot fall off of the left side of the screen. The faster you are used to going, the easier it is to get a high score.

In general it is best to try to jump into the widest open spaces possible, but in order to practice for the later parts of the level, it is best to come into the most narrow spaces that you can fit into. The more narrow the spaces that you get used to jumping into, The easier it will be to get into any open space later on in the level when all open spaces will be more narrow.

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Advertisements are always present in this game. However, if you want to turn them off, one of the options is to run your phone in airplane mode or turn off all of the data on the Wi-Fi. Generally though, it is not recommended to do this as the advertisements are the developers way of paying the bills. Leave the advertisements on and less you find yourself very annoyed by them.

You earn a gift every so often in this game, but rather they come from any kind of score goal or currency, you are in the gift after playing a certain number of rounds. Start around and then die instantly, and repeat this over and over in order to earn the gift as quickly as possible. Every 12 rounds you will learn a new gift.

The gift consists merely of a new background color. You will unlock a new gift every 12 rounds that you play. No new color is easier or harder than any other color. After you unlock every single gift in this game, wait for a new update from the developers, because they are sure to add more of them later on.