Jungle Heat – Defense Guide: How to defend your base against even the strongest attacks

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Jungle Heat is like the Vietnam War era answer to Clash of Clans, but don’t expect a realistic war simulator here – this is definitely cartoonish fun. Your base is your center of operations. It’s where you train your troops and farm for resources, and it’s where you research new technologies to advance the cause of your militia. It’s also going to be the target of many attacks, so to stop these attacks, you are going to have to majorly beef up your defenses. Read on to find out how to defend your base against any and all comers in Jungle Heat!

You first start out with an absolutely minimal amount of defenses. You can build two cannon towers, as well as up to fifty walls. This may seem useless at first, but make the most of it as these form the basis to your defense. Crowd all of the buildings in your base very close together, so that all of them fall within range of the cannon towers. Tap the cannon towers to check their range.

Upgrade the cannon towers as well, so that they have increased range, the ability to take more damage, and the ability to do far more damage to attackers. Put them just inside the walls that you build, so that they have one more barrier between them and the attackers.

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Surround your whole city with walls, and double up the thickness of the walls if you are able to. The reason that your city should be packed as close together as possible is to enable you to surround the whole city, because if it is spread too far apart, then you might end up running out of walls, leaving holes for your attackers to get into. Also, make sure that no blank space is available inside of the walls, because then other players can simply insert their troops into the blank spaces, putting them behind enemy lines immediately.

As you level up the command center, and level yourself up, you’ll be able to unlock more methods of defense. The mortar fires long distance rounds that do area damage. The watch tower can hit long range and aerial targets. The flame tower spits fire at enemies, doing huge damage. The Jericho is a missile launcher that strikes out at aerial targets.

The Trap, Dynamite, and Big bada boom are all hidden from the view of the enemy, but when the enemy steps over them, they will blow up or spring, causing massive damage to multiple enemy troops. The Defdrone is a defensive drone that is initially hidden from the view of the enemy, but when enemy forces approach, it will activate, spring out of the ground and begin attacking enemy targets.

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