Jungle Heat – Defense Guide, Part 2: More on how to defend your base against even the strongest attacks

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Welcome to part two of the Jungle Heat defense guide! Click here to go back to part one of the guide.

As you can see, there are a LOT of options when it comes to your defensive strategy. You can’t unlock these options without upgrading the Command Center, though, so upgrade your Command Center as high as possible, as quickly as possible in order to make it happen. Also, you can build more of each protection structure, and upgrade each of your protection structures, again and again.

Place them in strategic locations around your territory. Ideally, every one of your attacking structures should be placed inside your walls, so that they are given the maximum protection. Place them within range of all of your buildings, so that any attacker is under constant bombardment from your attacking buildings.

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Maximize the amount of hidden mine structures (dynamite, traps, and big bada boom) and, if you have your gun turrets powered up highly, place a few of them near your gun turrets to tear up any bombers or other attackers who would try to destroy them. Otherwise, place all of them around the perimeters of your walls, or most around the walls, with a few by your biggest resource buildings.

If you want to conserve walls, use the surrounding ruins (such as the planes, trailers, and generators) as a part of your wall. Enemies won’t be able to destroy them, but they won’t be able to get past them either, meaning that they make a stronger part of the wall than the actual wall itself is. You can’t move them, but you can move everything that you have built in order to take advantage of them.

Once someone attacks you, every building that was damaged or destroyed will recover on its own, luckily. All that you have to do is login, and the buildings will recover with time. However, any troops that you have lost from the rally points will have to be retrained. Tap on any of the grave sites of the fallen enemy soldiers, and you will get 20 oil for each of the grave stones.

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