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Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Jungle Heat! Jungle Heat is a brand new smash hit MMO strategy game for the iPhone, iPad and Android. In Jungle Heat, you play in a Clash of Clans type of gameplay setting, in a world resembling a really cartoonish Vietnam War-era battlefield. You start off with a tiny little jungle base, but as you power up your army and your resources, you can grow your base into an absolute powerhouse. Read on for the beginner’s guide on how to dominate the game!

Jungle Heat, unlike many games of its type, starts you off with the bare minimum of a tutorial and potentially no clue on how to get from just starting out to domination. Luckily, though, you begin the game with beginner’s protection, meaning that you can’t be attacked. Use this time to start building up your resources.

Begin the process by building a market, which earns you gold, and an oil rig, which earns you oil. Upgrade them to increase the amount of oil and gold they can hold before you have to collect from them, and build more oil rigs and markets as you unlock them. Build oil storages and gold storages, and upgrade them, in order to have somewhere to stick all of that oil and gold that you earn, because you will run out of resource room very quickly.

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Now, build your barracks and your rally point. Your barracks are where you train your troops, and your rally point is where your troops are stationed once you finish training them, up until the point that you send them out to battle. Upgrading the barracks will unlock new troops for you to train, and upgrading the rally point will increase the number of troops that you can have waiting to go, and that you can send into battle at the same time.

These are just the basics. As you upgrade your Command Center you will be able to build more of every building, and you will be able to upgrade all of them to higher levels. For now, though, you can begin to attack other bases. Hit the attack button, and you can attack preset bases, earning between one and three stars on each base depending on how much damage you do. Spending 50 gold to attack another player’s base will void the beginner protection, but once the protection runs out, have at it.

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