Jungle Heat – Top 10 Tips and Cheats, Part 2

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Welcome to the top five tips for Jungle Heat! Click here to go back to top tips six through ten.

5) Build more Rally Points and upgrade them as soon as possible.
Do this so that you can hold more troops at a time, which will not only enable you to engage in more battles in a shorter amount of time, but will allow you to send far more troops into battle, multiplying your chance of success and giving you what you need in order to succeed against even the toughest of enemy bases.

4) Once you upgrade the Command Center to level 3, build a Lab.
Everyone has their favorite troops that they just love to send in against an enemy. The lab will allow you to upgrade individual troop types, so that the same troop has even better attack, defense and hit points. Use the lab to make your favorite troops even stronger, so that you can keep sending them in even when the going gets really tough.

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3) Repair the Clan HQ and start participating in tournaments.
You’re going to spend your free batch of diamonds rather quickly early on in the game unless you have the patience of a saint. Entering into tournaments will allow you to spend a little bit of money to compete against other clans. If your clan wins first, second, or third place in a tournament, then you will earn a prize of diamonds. Enter more tournaments for more chances to win diamonds!

2) Keep checking the Achievements tab.
Achievements are another great way to earn some free diamonds, and usually, the tasks that you have to complete in order to get an achievement are pretty simple stuff. Whenever you see a “!” appear next to the tab, there are some free diamonds there for you to collect!

1) Upgrade your Barracks until you unlock the Pyro, the Black Hawk and the Iron Storm.
Forget about all strategy. These three troops do INSANE quantities of damage, they can take a ton of hits before they die, and they will allow you to forego all previous strategy and simply win by brute force. This is your ultimate goal in the game – to unlock these three unbeatable troops.

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