Jungle Heat – Top 10 Tips and Cheats

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There are plenty of Clash of Clans-inspired games on iOS and Android, but Jungle Heat has become the most popular out of all of them. Your goal is to power up your jungle base, load it up with troops, turn it into a resource-producing machine, and destroy other players’ bases, as well as the quest bases in the game. Read on for the top ten tips and tricks for Jungle Heat!

10) Place your buildings as close together as possible.
This will enable you to more easily surround your entire base with walls, as well as to put more of your buildings within range of your cannon towers, watchtowers, mortars and other defensive structures. The close that they are together, the more fire that other players will come under when they attack you.

9) When attacking another base, deploy your troops in a circle formation.
When you do this, they can close in on the base, and any buried defenses, such as traps, dynamite and big bada booms, will damage far less of your troops than if you sent all of them in at the same place. This will also allow them to finish the battle far more quickly than otherwise.

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8) If there is any “green area” inside the enemy walls, disregard tip number 9 and deploy them into the green area.
What’s better than putting your troops in right behind enemy lines? Do this, and your troops won’t even have to go through the pain of destroying enemy walls. They can simply flood the base from inside, attack the enemy gun towers, then go for the resources quickly and leave the base in a shambles before the other players have any idea what hit them.

7) Upgrade your Command Center as quickly as possible.
Do everything that you possibly can in order to get the Command Center upgraded to a high level early on in the game. This will enable you to build more of everything, from oil and gold storage to barracks and rally points.

6) Upgrade your Barracks as quickly as possible.
The reasoning for this is simple: the higher the level of your barracks, the more powerful the troops that you can train. Once you unlock new troops such as the gunners and the bombers, a whole new element of strategy is introduced, allowing you to send gunners and bombers in to take out the walls and the defensive units before sending your spies and slashers in to take all of the enemy resources.

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