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Jurassic World: The Game – How to level and evolve your dinosaurs

Jurassic World: The Game is, like DragonVale and many others, all about running out some of the most powerful dinos around, or at least the most powerful that you can manage to obtain, because they are going to be needed for battle. You’ll battle both against Vic Hoskins and against other players and their dino teams, but to keep up you will constantly need to level and to evolve your dinos. Read on for some tips and tricks on doing both of these things!

To level them up, you are going to need to feed them, which obviously requires food. Set the food production facility to produce as often and as much as possible, and level it up in order to increase the rate of food production and the duration of time that you can produce for, as well as the total feed that it can produce in one shot.

Now, feed your dinos. Feed the most important/rarest dinos first. Every time that you hit the feed button five times on one dinosaur, it will gain a level. After the level is gained it will need more food to be able to eat again, compared to the previous level. But once it hits level 10, it will need to evolve.

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To evolve a dino, you need two of them, and you need them both to be at their maxed-out level. So for a tier one dinosaur, they will have to both be at level 10. For two tier two dinosaurs, you will need them to both be at level 20. Above that, two level 30 dinosaurs of the same type, and so on and so forth.

It costs DNA in order to evolve a card, so make sure that you have enough of it in order to pull off the evolution. The rarer the dino is, the more DNA it will cost to purchase, but the more DNA it will give back if or when you want to sell it.

You can also spend to speed up the delivery of the evolved dinosaur if you want to. But there is no reason to. Just wait for it and it will come on its own without requiring you to actually spend anything. Take the time to grow more food while the dino is evolving. Then once you get your evolved dino back, start feeding it again.