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Justice Monsters Five – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Justice Monsters 5 is a new pinball card-battling RPG for the iOS and Android, as well as contained within Final Fantasy XV as a minigame. Your heroes are various villains and minor enemies who have made appearances all throughout the Final Fantasy series, from Bombs and Lamia to Flans, but in this game they are the heroes. You can build a team of monsters, some rarer and stronger than others, while earning Coins, Orichalcum and Golden Orbs. Read on for some tips and tricks for Justice Monsters Five!

To battle, you can either tap the screen when a monster is in the right spot, do a swipe shot to try to bounce your monster in a different direction, or you can do a charge shot. Charge shots vary depending on the monster. Oftentimes they can be more advantageous, but usually they will not hit multiple monsters at a time. Use the tap and swipe shots when multiple monsters are on the screen and the charge shots when there is only one strong one left.

Each monster can be enhanced using gold that you earn throughout the game. To enhance a monster, go to the enhance menu and pick either V-Boost or Tech. V-Boost increases one stat at a time, and costs very little coins. Tech costs orichalcum and high amounts of coins, and boosts the power of your monster’s charge shot.

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Golden Orbs are the premium currency of the game, and are used to purchase strong and rare monsters. They can be had via in-app purchases, but you can earn them for free by completing achievements and participating in special events. Use them to spin for monsters. Rare monsters that you get from the spin are far stronger than common monsters.

Keep your monsters’ leader bonus in mind when you are picking which monster to choose as your leader, as each one comes with something different. Other players will have the chance to pick your leader as their helper, and each time they do, you will earn bonuses. So generally, your rarest and strongest monster should be your leader.

You can play multiple difficulty levels of every stage at any point in time. Tap on the “normal” icon and it will change to “hard”, and tap it again to change it to “very hard”. These battles are tougher but they will earn you bigger rewards, and your monsters will earn more experience points for completing the battle.