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Keeper is a new endless game by Voodoo for the iOS and Android platform where you have to protect your little monster from getting smashed by all manner of space debris. You control a small ball right in front of the monster, and your goal is to push all of the obstacles out of the way and keep your run going, and your score increasing, for as long and as high as possible. You can unlock all sorts of new monsters and balls as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Keeper by Voodoo!

The stacking bonus is one way to make your score increase rapidly, but it’s all in how you use the stacking plates. When the stacking bars fall down, move your ball to or near the middle to balance them as well as possible, and slide from side to side as needed in order to try to keep them balanced and over the middle. Once you drop them, your stacking bonus will be added to your regular score.

Otherwise, each of the shapes is worth one point if you hit it. Use your index finger, rather than your thumb, to slide the ball around from side to side very quickly as a good cheap stupid way of protecting your monster. Plus, hitting shapes that aren’t even targeting you will still net you one point, but stacking balls on balls, or cubes on cubes, or cubes on balls, won’t earn you a stacking bonus. Only the stacking bars will.

The only exception to the “only direct hits” rule is space ships. When they come flying down at you and you destroy them, you’ll earn a point no matter how you do so, whether you smash them directly with your circle or run an obstacle into them.

You can unlock all kinds of new balls and skins without even using any kind of currency, because this game doesn’t have any. To do so, you’ll need to complete specific quests and missions. Go to the character select menu, go back and forth between the monsters and circles and tap on all of the locked ones to see what you have to do to unlock them.

Once you do unlock them, you can switch back and forth at will. This doesn’t change the gameplay at all; all that this changes is the appearance. The same is true with the star upgrades. When you use a star upgrade, you’ll add a feature to the home planet of your monster. Each upgrade adds a new feature, so you can turn the planet into a warm, inviting place.

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