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Keepy Ducky – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Keepy Ducky is a new endless game for the iOS and Android platforms. You play as a little snowball-throwing alien creature, and ducks are falling from the sky. Your goal is to throw snowballs in order to keep it afloat for as long as possible. You can unlock new pets, earn coins, and get new outfits for your creature. Read on for some tips and tricks for Keepy Ducky!

You can throw snowballs as quickly or as slowly as you want to, but make sure that you have enough ammo to keep going. Swipe from side to side to collect the snowballs whenever they appear so that you can refill your ammo. You can tap with one or even two fingers alternatingly if you need to tap extremely quickly in order to keep a large number of ducks afloat.

You can earn coins when they fall out of ducks randomly as you hit them (about once every ten snowball hits or so), but the quickest way to earn more coins is to watch advertisement videos for them. Go to the card pack menu, which is the leftmost button on the main menu, and there will be a button that offers you 50 coins for watching a video. This button is a perpetual fixture in that position, so you can watch videos for as many coins as you want.

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One of the uses of the coins that you earn is buying card packs. Some card packs contain new items of clothing for your main character, or more coins, but other card packs contain pets. Pets can be added to your roster for each round, and each pet has their own special ability. Experiment with the different types of pets to see which abilities that you like the best. They will help especially when the going gets tough and the entire screen gets filled up with ducks.

Another use for the coins is upgrading your pet level. Your pet level can be upgraded for all of your pets at a time, not just one pet, so if you switch pets at any time, that higher level will apply across the board. Each level added for your pets will decrease the cooldown time of the pet ability, as well as other abilities unlocked at level 10, 20, and 30.

You can unlock new stages too, by earning specific scores on the previous levels. Earn at least 800 points on the Meadows level to unlock the Blizzard level. Earn 1,000 points on the Blizzard level to unlock the Inferno level. Expect more levels to be added as more updates come out for the game.