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Keke Love Challenge: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Keke Love Challenge, also known as #ShiggyChallenge, is a new endless jumper game for the iOS and Android starring lookalikes of Drake and other rappers such as Lil Pump and 6ix9ine jumping up a level as high as they can. Your goal is to avoid the boxes, grab the various power-ups, and get as high of a score as you can. Read on for some tips and tricks for Keke Love Challenge!

Stacks are the form of currency in this game, and you can use them in the “shopping cart” area to purchase more rappers, such as Shaggy 89 and Lil Shig. You can collect the currency on the level itself, but the fastest way to earn more of it is to watch the videos at the end of the level in exchange for stacks. This offer pops up after every level ends, as long as you have a data connection.

Grab the power-ups to make it easier to get a high score. The most useful and most numerous power-up is the white capsule, which gives you a shield. This allows you to break through boxes when you jump through them. Be careful about its use, though, as it seems to last for a random amount of time, and there’s no warning for when it will run out. When it runs out, you hit a box and you’re done.

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Other power-ups include the bomb, which blows up all of the boxes that appear on the screen. The bombs aren’t quite as useful as the shields, but they are far more predictable, and when all of the boxes are gone, you can pause for a bit and get some time to think before ou make your next moves. Plus, of course, you can collect stacks when you see them in order to add to your stack pile. And the magnet draws stacks toward you.

Pay attention to whether the box is sliding around on top of the platform or on the bottom of the platform. If it’s on the bottom, then when you land on that platform, you can take as long as you want to make your next move. If it’s on top, then you have to make your move quickly because if you don’t, you’ll end up running into the box.

Each level is randomly generated, and the level doesn’t get harder at all, even as your score increases. There aren’t that many possibilities for different box actions on each platform, so after awhile, you’ll easily memorize all of the potential box movements. This will allow you to increase your score significantly, very easily.