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Kendall & Kylie: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Kendall & Kylie is the latest celebrity-infused mobile game by Glu, makers of the famous Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, and within a few hours it’s already taken the top spot on the App Store. This new iOS and Android hit puts you in the shoes of someone who has just moved to LA, as you vlog, take selfies, act, model and try to go viral, while collecting cash and K-Gems and followers, and inserting yourself deeper into Kendall & Kylie Jenner’s circle of friends. Read on for some tips and tricks for Kendall & Kylie, the game!

You have a ton of choices of responses that you can give to people when you talk to them, but no matter what the response, the story will generally take the same turn. The ones which make the most difference, though, are the ones which send you off to hang out with Kendall and Kylie. Those will send your follower count skyrocketing at high speed.

Most of the game is quest-based – however, when you want to deviate from the goals, check out the achievements tab (which is one tab over from the goals) to give yourself some sort of idea what to do next. Or, you can simply meet people and flirt or chat. Go to The Cantina, various bars and whatnot to find people to meet.

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Cash won’t run low at first, but it can drain quickly once you begin to buy clothes, and especially if you try to buy houses or pets. One quick way to get more cash aside from the goals is to go back to Santa Monica, go to the salon, and work a shift. Complete as many actions as you can and earn 5 stars, and in exchange you’ll earn plenty of cash and experience points. And be sure to complete the long actions (4-6 energy actions) first as they give more stars per energy spent.

Go into all of your missions and even salon shifts with full energy. Do this so that you have can instantly earn as many stars as possible and still have plenty of time left over, making it easier to get 5 stars overall. Oftentimes energy will drop along with the stars and other goodie so, so when you see energy drop, pick it up, or just let it collect on its own.

Get a pet when you get the chance, because they give you energy, cash and experience just for existing. You should buy one early on in the game wen you get the chance. Go back to your apartment and pet your pet, and you’ll get energy, cash and experience without having to actually have spent any of your energy. As you acquire more houses, expect to be able to buy more pets so that you can get more free goodies.

There are plenty of ways to get free K-gems in this game. Most of them are straightforward while some of them are a bit more esoteric. You can get one free K-gem by watching a video, but to access it you have to go to the store and try to buy something that you can’t afford. You can also do this with cash items, but you’ll earn only one cash per video, which is damn near worthless.