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Ketchapp Soccer (Football) – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Ketchapp Soccer, known as Ketchapp Football outside of the USA, is a new goal-kicking contest game for the iOS and Android by Ketchapp. You earn stars and get a ton of game modes and customizations, but through all of it, your main goal is to get the highest score possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Ketchapp Soccer, AKA Ketchapp Football!

You can earn more points or less points depending on how squarely you hit the target. If you hit the side of the target, you will only earn one point. If you hit the target square in the middle, you will earn two points, so kick the ball into the target as accurately and solidly as possible for the highest score that you can earn.

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The default mode is the free-kick mode, but there are two more available game modes. Time Challenge has you trying to earn as many points as possible within a specific amount of time. Here there is no penalty for missing a shot, whereas in the free kick mode you only get three missed shots before you’re done. Practice mode just allows you to kick endlessly.

Kick a ball into a star when you see it pop up to collect it. You can also get free star gifts, and when you see a video link in the main menu, you can earn stars for watching it. Earning 100 stars allows you to take a spin at the wheel in order to earn more customizations.

The customizations include earning a new ball, a new defender, a new style of goal, and changing the weather in the background. None of these change the actual gameplay at all, but all of these can change the appearance of the game significantly. You can also earn new balls for free in exchange for following the game on Twitter or for liking the game on Facebook.

Kick as fast as you can in the time trial mode. In the free kick mode, there is no time limit, so wait for the right moment. Wait until the defender is as far away from the ball as it’s going to get, then kick at the goal when it’s not being blocked by the defender.