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Beat the Boss 2 for iOS: How to get more hearts, weapon parts and experience points

Beat the Boss 2 takes Beat the Boss and gives it far more replay value with things such as the crafting of weapons, earning experience points and gaining levels, and getting to all new areas. Hearts are one thing that carries over from the original Kick the Boss. When you use a heart, you will revive the boss before the normal waiting period for him to revive finishes. The crafting of weapons allows you to take three weapon parts that all fit together into one recipe, and use them to craft weapons. Experience points, of course, allow you to gain experience levels. Read on to find out how to get more of all three in Beat the Boss 2!

The main way to get more experience points is simply to kill the boss. Each time that you kill the boss, you will gain a heaping helping of experience points. Towards the beginning of the game, you will only have to kill the boss once in order to gain enough experience points to gain a level.

However, later in the game, it will take a number of kills to gain enough experience points for a level up. Level ups will provide you with bonus coins, bonus diamonds, and the ability to unlock new locations.

Experience points can be gained by completing quests, as well. Tap on the quests button (the green target) to see which ones will earn you experience points. Other ones can earn you free hearts. In fact, this is the main method of gaining free hearts, other than to buy them with free diamonds that you can get using other methods.

To get more weapon parts and hearts, play the pirates game as often as possible. Two of the possible prizes are hearts and weapons parts. The main way to find parts is to kill the boss and look for the two toned ball to pop out of him once he dies. Tap the two toned ball, and a weapon will appear in the middle of it. Tap the weapon part to collect it.