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Beat the Boss iPhone Game Guide, part 2: More Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Hints and Strategies

Welcome to part 2 of the tips and tricks guide to Beat The Boss. Click here in order to go back to part 1 to the strategy guide to Beat The Boss for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

To kill the boss without using a weapon, pick him up and then swipe across the room with him, but let go before he hits the wall and while he is still in motion. He will go flying into the wall and get hurt, but if you stop your finger before you lift your finger off of the screen, the boss will stop and won’t be hurt.

If the boss gets thrown through the wall and gets stuck off the screen, the only way to get him back is to shut the app down and open it back up again. The game tells you that you can press the menu button to get him back, but only closing the app will get him back. To do this, hit the menu button to get to the iPhone menu, and then double click the menu button. Find the app icon at the bottom of the screen, hold your finger on it til the “-” button appears, and then use that button to close it.

Another way to stop the boss from ever dying is to first, pound the hell out of him and get him close to death, but don’t kill him. Then, hit the menu button and then hit the orange button in the lower left corner of the menu. If you hit that button, all of the boss’s wounds will be healed up, and all of the weapons that you hit him with will be removed from him. Now he will be at full strength, so you can beat him up yet again! This is best used right after he shoots out coins when he is near death.

The most mindless weapon in the game (at least that you can unlock early on) is homing missiles, because you can tap literally anywhere on the screen, and three missiles will come out, ready to blow the boss away, aiming automatically right at him.