Kick The Buddy: Forever – All Weapons Guide: How to unlock every weapon for free, page 2

Reap Guns: Pay 10,500 coins for this one. No money is required to be spent in order to earn coins – just kill the buddy over and over and get card bonuses.
Goblin Bomb: Pay 8,500 coins.
Golden Trident: Pay 600 gems for this one. Gems can be earned for free by collecting the daily card bonuses, and the card bonuses for killing Buddy.
Psy Blades: This one is unlocked as a daily gift. Login multiple days in a row to work your way to this one.
Eaglerang: Pay just 200 gems for this one.
Magic Cards: You need VIP status to unlock this. You can get VIP status for free by signing up and then cancelling before 3 days is done and the monthly charge goes through.

Hell Gun: This costs 10,000 coins.
Telekinesis: This one is unlocked only as a daily gift.
Spider Web: Pay just 200 gems for this one.
Whistle Arrow: Pay 300 gems for this.
Earthquake: This one costs 7,500 gems.
Lightning: This costs 600 gems, so more expensive than the others.
Tornado: This costs an ironic 360 gems.
Spider Web Black: Double the price of standard Spider Webs at 400 gems.

Candy Cane: Fairly cheap at just 1,300 coins.
Firecracker: This is a VIP-only weapon so use the free trial trick to get this one.
Christmas Tree: Only 60 gems to get this one, which is the equivalent of four card rewards.
Icicle Gun: One of the most expensive winter weapons at 5,500 coins.
Firework Gun: Get this one as a card reward.
Party Popper: Just 80 gems need to be spent for this one.

Plantus Predatus: This costs a whopping 12,000 coins.
Vampire Bats: This one is also free by hitting the “subscribe” button to go to the game’s Instagram.
Mutant Rabbit: This one costs a whopping 600 gems.
Crawler: This Minecraft clone is cheaper at 300 gems.
Bear: Slightly more expensive at 400 gems.
Wasps: This only costs 400 gems.
Golden Crawler: This costs a whopping 500 gems.

Finger: Free because you start the game with it.
Loudspeaker: You can watch ten ad videos to unlock this one for free.
Watermelon: Costs 3,000 coins to buy this one.
Soda: This only costs 100 gems.
XPOGO: This also only costs 100 gems.
Paintball Gun: This one is 3,500 coins.
Gas Chamber: This costs 600 gems.

Gas Nozzle: Pay a whopping 6,000 coins for this one.
Sound Generator: You can get this one for 600 gems.
Electric Chair: One of the most premium weapons in the game at 800 gems.
Petroleum: This blunt instrument costs only 1,500 coins.
Pancakes: This odd food related item costs 3,000 coins.
Firehose: Pay only 150 gems for this one.
Keyboard: Costs 2,500 coins.
Cactus: This is one of the VIP-only weapons so get the three day free trial to use it.
Make Buddy: The most expensive coin-related item in the whole game.

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