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Kick The Buddy: Forever – All Weapons Guide: How to unlock every weapon for free

Kick The Buddy: Forever comes with loads of weapons with which to torture the Buddy doll with – moreso than in previous Kick the Buddy games, and there are as many ways to earn weapons as there are to use them. While some of them can seem prohibitively expensive, you can get literally every weapon in the game for free (without spending any money in real life)in some way or another. Read on for tips on how to get every weapon for free in Kick The Buddy: Forever!

Beretta: You can pay a mere 500 coins for this one
M16: You can either watch five ad videos or pay 200 gems. Five ad videos isn’t much so just watch them.
SPAS-12: Pay 300 gems. You can get free gems from many sources, such as the daily prize or the card bonus.
AK47: Pay 3,000 coins. Easy to earn them for free just by knocking out the Buddy over and over.
Uzi: Pay 2,500 coins.
M134 Minigun: Pay 500 gems. Still easy to earn by card bonuses. Or by the free trial on the diamond membership.
Taser: Pay 4,000 coins.
Golden AK47: Get this without making an IAP by spending 8,000 coins on it.
Flamethrower: This one can be earned exclusively from card bonuses.
Thompson (Tommy Gun): Pay 6,000 coins.
Golden Minigun: Pay 800 gems. Tedious to earn that many but it’s doable.
Golden Uzi: Pay 10,000 coins.

Mace: Pay 1,000 coins.
Katana: Pay 6,000 coins.
Chainsaw: Card bonus.
Buzzsaw: Pay 240 gems. Relatively small amount of gems.
Buddy’s Pan: Earn this one as a card reward only.
Shuriken: Pay only 100 gems for this.
Frost Axe: 9,000 coins is the price.
Mjolnir: This can be earned by logging in for three days in a row. You can also speed along the daily reward bonus by watching video ads.
Golden Mace: For a golden weapon, it’s cheap at only 5,000 coins.
Bow: 2,000 coins for this one.
Whip: You can get the whip as a card reward.
Dark Scythe: Spend only 4,000 coins on this one.
Balalaika: You can get this by watching 10 ad videos (or about 5-6 minutes worth of ads on average)
Statue: Spend 10,000 coins on this one.
Lab Flask: Spend a mere 2,300 coins.
Golden Shuriken: Pay 200 gems for this.
Chainsword: Pay 2,500 for this weird weapon.
Harpoon: This just costs 3,000 coins.

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F1 Grenade: Can be earned as a card reward.
Bazooka: Tap this and then tap the “Subscribe” button to go to the game’s Instagram.
Land Mine: Pay 500 coins for this cheap one.
Black Bomb: Pay 2,500 coins for this one.
Plasma Grenade: Pay 5,000 coins for this.
Molotov cocktail: This only costs 2,500 coins.
Golden Grenade: Very cheap at 5,000 coins.
Airstrike: This premium one costs 500 gems.
TNT: This only costs 400 gems.
Tank: Also costs 400 gems.
Matryoshka Bomb: Pay 7,000 coins for this one.
Fuel Tank: Pay 400 gems for this one.
Nuclear Bomb: Pay 800 gems for this premium powerhouse.

Black Mine: Pay 2,000 coins for this.
Mega Bomb: Pay a whopping 20,000 coins for this. You can earn them by killing Buddy and by claiming every card bonus possible, and doubling up with ad videos.
Holy Grenade: You have to watch 20 ad videos for this one. Seems like a lot but that’s only 10 minutes worth.
Monkey Bomb: Costs 4,500 coins.
Semtex: This costs 5,000 coins.
Nuclear Weapon: Somehow different than the Nuclear Bomb, this costs an insane 1,000 gems.
Needle Bomb: Get this by logging into the game for two days in a row.

Plasma Gun: This pricey one costs 10,000 coins.
Self-made Robot: Costs 21,000 coins.
Brotato Gun: This surprisingly cheap nano weapon costs 300 gems.
Droid: You have to watch a whopping 60 ad videos. Space them out so you don’t get too sick of them.
Adrenaline Gun: Costs 6,000 coins to buy.
Space Laser: This costs 8,000 coins.
Alien Blaster: This one is also a card reward.
Mars Rover: This premium weapon costs 500 gems.
Drone: This is a 600-gem weapon.
Teleport: This only costs 200 gems.

Plasma Sword: This is only earned from card rewards.
Golden Droid: This insanely expensive one costs 3,000 gems. Not a typo. That’s over $15 worth of gems. Either earn a ton of free gems using card rewards, or use an iTunes card that you got for Christmas toward it.
Bacteria: It’s 8,000 coins, but as of the time of writing, it’s 4,000 coins for another day and a half.
Cloning: This one is “free” but you have to invite five friends. Target the biggest mobile gamers you know first, especially people who have played the Kick the Buddy series before.

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