Kick the Buddy: Forever – Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

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Kick the Buddy: Forever is the latest game in Chill Fleet and Playgendary’s Kick the Buddy series for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is simply to beat up on the Buddy doll using the massive amount of available weapons, ranging from guns and swords to giant mechs, to the absolutely weird like paper shredders and vampire bats. You can earn coins and gems, and use them, as well as cards and other bonuses, to acquire all sorts of new weapons and goodies. Read on for some tips, cheats, strategies, hacks, and tricks for Kick the Buddy: Forever!

One of the main differences between this and the others is that in this game, tapping to attack the Buddy directly actually does quite a bit of damage. Not only that, but each time you tap the Buddy, you have a chance to knock coins out of him, too. So use the tapping attack whenever you just want to attack directly and load up on the coins.

You’ll unlock a whole range of other weapons in this game, and some of them also give you coins and require manual attacking, such as the guns. Some, such as the paper shredder, kill the Buddy instantly but the only coins you earn are the knockout coins. The best of both worlds is the vampire bat, which hits the Buddy automatically and quickly until he dies, so you earn coins for both the hits and the knockout.

Some weapons cost coins, while some weapons cost gems, and some can be earned using card bonuses. Still other weapons, the ones marked as “free”, can be earned by watching ad videos. Some require you to watch as few as 5 or 10 videos, though, while some require you to watch as many as 60 ad videos. If you have more money than time, you can also purchase the “free” ones using gems.

The diamond membership is free for three days, then you pay a weekly amount of money via iTunes or Google Play after that. Buy the diamond membership and you’ll get three free weapons plus 100 gems and 1,000 coins per day. Another IAP allows you to add blood to the game. This one is separate from the diamond membership purchase, though.

Aside from the membership, gems can be purchased via IAP, or they can be earned for free from the card rewards and from the free/daily rewards. To earn more card rewards, kill the Buddy using a wide variety of weapons, not just the same weapon over and over again. The game will tell you to use more weapons once you’ve used the same one too many times. You can earn more coins by switching it up, also.

Watch for bonus characters to show up for even more rewards. When the piñata or the candy egg show up, they take a lot more damage to destroy than it does to kill the Buddy, but they give you big rewards. Sometimes, a UFO will show up, or Rick and Morty Buddies will pop in, and if you use your finger to drag the Buddy under their attacks, you’ll do massive damage to him.

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