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Kick the Buddyman: Mad Lab – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Kick the Buddyman: Mad Lab is the latest game in the long-running Buddyman/Kick the Buddy franchise for the iOS and Android platforms, a game where your only goal is to beat the hell out of the little dummy dude called Buddyman. Your goal here is to do the exact same thing except that Buddyman plays the role of a mad scientist in this game, meaning that you get a whole bunch of topical weapons to beat him with. Read on for some tips and tricks for Kick the Buddyman: Mad Lab!

You start off with just the finger, but once you earn 800 coins, you can purchase a weapon. To get coins, kill the Buddyman first. Then you’ll get two buttons afterwards: a free gift of coins and an offer to watch a video ad for coins. The free gift comes around once every 24 hours, and the video ad comes around after every single KO.

The best early weapon to buy is the black hole. You can stick a black hole anywhere in your lab. Stick it in a corner and then leave your phone a little bit tilted to force Buddyman to keep falling into it on his own. Later, when you have 800 coins again, buy another weapon and use that while black holes are still there, in between attacks. Combining another weapon with the black hole will lead to rapid knockouts.

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Any of the standard weapons can also be bought for a 99 cent in-app purchase in lieu of spending 800 coins, at any time. In addition, the premium weapons, which are weapons that cannot be purchased with coins, can be bought for $1.99 a piece, or whatever the equivalent in your local currency is.

One particular combination that will provide extremely quick knockouts is the combination of black holes and bacteria. The bacteria will create a green cloud that lasts as long as you hold your finger on the screen, and will follow your finger around the screen. Drag the bacteria over the black hole so that you maul Buddyman with it every time that he pops out of the hole to do massive damage.

Other combinations can work amazingly too. Adrenaline guns and black holes are just an example. Shoot him with adrenaline and he will run around in circles at high speed, running himself into the black hole over and over. Try various other combinations for fun results.