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Kick the Buddyman: Origins – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Kick the Buddyman: Origins is the latest game in the Kick the Buddy/Buddyman: Kick series, and the first one that’s completely free-to-play. Your goal in this game is to beat up on Buddyman to your heart’s content using all manner of weapons, earning coins so that you can buy even more entertaining ways to wail on Buddyman. Read on for some tips and tricks for Kick the Buddyman: Origins!

With any one of the weapons, what they have in common is that you need to attack Buddyman until he “dies”. Once he “dies”, then you’ll earn a batch of coins as a reward for knocking him off. As you rack up these coins, you will be able to afford more weapons, as each non-premium weapon costs 700 coins to buy.

You’ll get a free gift of coins every so often when you knock off Buddyman, usually consisting of about 500 coins per gift. It starts off at about five minutes, then goes to a half an hour, and so on and so forth. If you want to cheat and get the free gift immediately, set the time ahead on your phone, then kill Buddyman, and the free gift button will appear.

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Once the free gift button appears, don’t open it right away. Instead, go back to the date and time settings on your phone. From there, set the time back to normal. Now go back to the game and open the free gift. This will keep the timer from going haywire, as it will if you open the gift before setting the time back to normal.

Buddyman likes to run around a lot, and typically he stumbles around drunkenly which makes it tough to catch him. He’ll be gravitationally pulled in whatever direction is down depending on how your phone is tilted, so tilt your phone diagonally and he’ll get stuck in a corner, making it easy for him to be caught.

Another way to get more coins is to hit the “Earn Coins” button after each round. Do this and a video will play, and after the video is done, you will get your reward. Before you do this, though, you have to have an internet connection, or else the video will not load.