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Kill Me Again: Infectors – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Kill Me Again: Infectors is a new survival puzzle RPG for the iOS and Android platforms by NHN. This game puts an intriguing and unique spin on the puzzle RPG formula adding a real-time sense of timing and strategy, to go with a whole lot of zombie killing. Read on for some tips and tricks for Kill Me Again: Infectors!

Swapping pieces around is how you make combos, and the usual tips apply with regards to how to damage zombies. The more pieces you can string together, the stronger your attack, and 5 in a row will attack every zombie on screen. In addition, make multiple matches per turn to do HUGE amounts of damage.

The more stars that you earn in a level, the better the weapon or piece of equipment that you will earn. Use any weapon or armor that you don’t need anymore, and sacrifice it in order to strengthen the rare weapons and armor that you do want to keep. It will take quite a few of them in order to actually raise your equipment’s upgrade level, but it works wonders for strengthening it.

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When fighting tough zombies, especially bosses, wait until they glow red and then make a match (doesn’t matter how many you match, only three is enough) to counterattack them and invalidate their attack. Repeat this pattern, making matches in between attacks as well so that you can do fast damage to them, and kill them quickly. And always make sure to keep your attacks quick so that you can avoid getting grabbed by a zombie.

Need to gain some levels or better weapons? Go back to an old level, especially one that you haven’t gotten three stars on yet, and play it again as many times as you need to, grinding it so that you can earn weapons. If you have any raid tickets, use them to complete the level instantly.

If a weapon or a piece of armor has a rune that you like but you don’t actually want to use the weapon anymore, then extract it so that you can reuse it, then get rid of the weapon by selling it or using it as upgrade fodder for the better weapon. Keep all of the best runes around so that you can mix and match.